Skin whitening tips with Vegetables


Pea, the small little bean holds solutions to several health problems and one of them in summer skin darkening. One of the best skins whitening tip using vegetables is regular consumption of pea. Potatoes, which has a high concentration of Vitamin B and high quality cellulose, keeps the skin healthy and the high degree of Vitamin C helps in lightening the skin tone. 

Radish is not a very favorite food but is one of the best vegetable to lighten skin tone. White radish is a good source of Vitamin C which is an antioxidant and inhibits the concentration of melanin on skin. Another vegetable skin whitening tip is to consume carrots. Carrots are rich in karetonoid. Karetonoid is the coloring agent of vegetables.

Cucumber is a well known summer vegetables and a rich source of vitamins, amino acids and tartaric acids. These acids treat sunburns and freckles. The acids also clear the skin and lightens the skin tone. Skin whitening tips this summer is to include these five vegetables in your diet. They not only lighten your skin tone but also promote good health.

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