Beauty benefits of Bitter Guard


Bitter taste of bitter gourd gives several benefits to improve beauty and health. Bitter gourd is called karela in Hindi. Karela juice can give you beautiful, glowing, problem free skin and healthy, good body too. If you can daily consume the juice of bitter gourd in the morning then you never need worry about premature graying of hair or becoming bald.


With bitter gourd juice those pimples and acne can be kept at bay. As bitter gourd promotes inner health therefore there is hardly any chance of pimples and acne to resurdata-face. Bitter gourd is a very good blood purifier, so it helps to reduce the appearance of acne from data-face. Mixing the juice of bitter gourd or karela along with amla and applying it onto the scalp effectively rids one of dandruff.


As this is a natural method hence this can be easily done and also there is no side effect. It keeps the stomach cool and also aids in reduction of excessive body heat. Also the water lost due to profound sweating is replenished by it.


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