Simple tips to remove makeup

I Kannaiah

Women love to look very attractive and beautiful. For this they put on make up . But for removing makeup many approach chemical based tips. Its also very important to learn how to remove the make up carefully . Here are few tips to remove makeup


Take 1/4th cup of curd and add two drops of olive oil and mix it well. Dip the cotton ball in the mixture and clean the makeup. By doing this the makeup will be removed. Curd helps in removing the dirt on the skin and removes the dead skin while olive oil helps in softening the skin.


Put on cooking soda on two drops of honey. Clean the data-face with this solution. Due tothe good properties contained in this solution skin turns very soft and also looks fresh.

 Coconut oil:

Makeup with water dependent is difficult to remove. If you had  put this kind of make up use coconut oil. Dip the cotton ball in the coconut oil and clean the data-face. With this the make up is removed completely and will help the skin in not turning out dry.


Grind the tomato and add few drops of coconut oil or baby oil. Clean the data-face with this solution this removes the make up. This solution also cleans the skin.

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