Simple rules to weight a the earliest

Sekar Chandra
Whenever a 'New Year' is born we all make various resolutions and the never changing realistic goal is 'Losing weight'. While losing weight, you must ensure that you just lose your weight and not your muscle.

1. Don't cut your kilo joules dramatically

Never ever do that. If so, then you will find yourself short of protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals and it will affect your health. Our body also needs nutrient-rich and highly oxygenated blood supply and plenty of minerals for a healthy living.

2. Take Proteins

Protein is an essential part. Always ensure that proteins are available in the food which you intake. It also lowers body fat and it accelerates the weight loss.

3. No to carbohydrates and sugars

All carbohydrates break down inside body to produce Sugar and this easily increase the blood sugar levels. And this easily causes bloating which is something not good for health.

4. Bid 'Adieu' to processed food

If the food says, "Preservatives, Artificial colours or anything you can't understand" just skip it. They will be fill of sodium and it is equal to eat a plain cardboard box.

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