Basics of Washing hair

Sekar Chandra

Most of us don't think that these little things will lead to big issues. Most of the time we take some things for granted. Just because of abstinence or refraining from smoking/drinking you are not going to have a healthy body. You need to have some proper diet with sleep time. Similarly even for hair you can't blame cosmetics, shampoos and the pollution. You need to maintain it else you will data-face hampering. 

1. Remove style products
Before taking bath just apply a nourishing cream or a gentle conditioning cream. This will help you if you did some cosmetic works like curling, perming, ironing, etc.

2. Rinse with lukewarm water
A preliminary rinse with war water can help you to get rid of scalp particles. It also gets rid of clogged dirt. 

3. Pre-conditioning
Long hair needs extra care and they easily tend to get damaged. They get more split ends. So in order to avoid, you must provide extra nourishment. Here you definitely need the pre-conditioning.

4. Rinse = Condition = Rinse
This process is to ensure you get all the nourishment. First rinse with warm water. Later apply conditioner and finally rinse it again with warm water.

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