Janhvi Kapoor's Make-or-Break Moment.!

Sindujaa D N
Expectations are high on janhvi kapoor, who is about to enter the tollywood industry with the upcoming big budget pan india film Devara. So far, she has not had a perfect success in the bollywood industry. However, she continues to fuel her craze with glamour. In a way this is very lucky for her. Her future also depends on this film. If she gets success with such a big movie, there is a chance to go to another level.

She always gives a good kick to the followers with her glamour. You have to be stunned if you see some more photos posted by her recently. Jahnvi in colourful dresses gave beautiful sunrise and sunset stills. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how this beautiful  will look in the Devara movie. From the stills of the movie, it can be understood that it is going to look traditional. These movies are going to be released worldwide on 4th april 2024. 

Janhvi Kapoor also has some crazy projects in her hands. Especially in the bollywood industry, she is still doing one more movie under karan Johar's production. Janhvi, who has not participated in the shooting of Devara movie so far, will be busy for a month with the schedule starting in October. It seems that her character in the movie Devara is perfectly set for the story. 

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