Tarak Takes Flight: 'Devara' Goa Schedule.!

Sindujaa D N
Tarak finds himself immersed in the bustling world of filmmaking, balancing two highly anticipated projects - 'Devara' and 'War-2'. This phase is undoubtedly one of the peaks in his illustrious career, with Varusa poised to become a sensation in the realm of pan-India cinema. Currently focused on 'Devara' under Koratala's direction, tarak recently jetted off to goa for a shooting schedule.

Spotting tarak at shamshabad airport sparked rumours about his destination, swiftly confirmed to be the goa schedule for 'Devara'. tarak exuded a relaxed demeanour at the airport, donning stylish blue denims and full sleeves, captivating onlookers with his charm.

Fans eagerly await updates from the sets as tarak dives into filming in Goa. Directed by Koratala, 'Devara' has garnered immense anticipation, with each update fueling excitement among fans. Meanwhile, discussions swirl around Tarak's role in the much-anticipated multi starrer 'War-2'.

Earlier character posters unveiled Tarak's unique look, deviating from initial expectations of him playing the villain opposite Hrithik. Instead, both actors are revealed as allies, playing indian agents embarking on a mission together. This revelation left fans surprised, as many anticipated tarak in a more antagonistic role.

The unexpected twist in Tarak's role has sparked intriguing discussions, with speculation suggesting his return in cameo appearances in other YRF spy universe films. Directed by Ayan Mukerji, 'War-2' is slated for release on Independence Day weekend in 2025, promising a thrilling cinematic experience and leaving fans eager to witness the chemistry between these two iconic actors.

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