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The Mahesh-Namrata couple is a celebrated pair in Tollywood, admired for their close bond and considered an ideal couple. Their children, gautham and Sitara, are actively involved, with Sitara exhibiting a keen interest in movies and fashion from a young age. Despite her debut still pending, Sitara has garnered a significant following on social media, especially for her dance performances. 

Recently, on february 10, Mahesh and namrata celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary, having tied the knot in 2005. Following their marriage, namrata transitioned from the film industry to the business sector. Reports on Mahesh's net worth, estimated to be over 273 crores, have been circulating, with a substantial portion earned through the business sector, reaching up to 50 crores.

The couple owns luxurious villas, including homes in the elite Jubilee Hills, hyderabad, valued at around Rs. 28 crores, and additional properties in Bhagyanagar. Mahesh also possesses a house in Silicon City, Bangalore, and recently acquired a new home. Additionally, he purchased a beachside house in dubai in April, as reported by Khaleej Times.

 Mahesh has a significant stake in AMB Mall in hyderabad and has plans to expand this multiplex business to metro cities, including a potential large-scale establishment in Vizag. The couple's residence, AN Palace Heights in banjara hills on Road No. 12, reflects their taste and lifestyle.

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