Salman Khan's new bulletproof car price!!


salman khan bought a new bulletproof car! Is security increasing due to fear of lawrence Bishnoi? According to media reports, recently a new bulletproof car has been seen in actor salman Khan's house. Let us tell you about this.

Bollywood actor salman khan is in a lot of headlines these days. The reason for her being in the limelight is not any film or her love life, but the threat to kill her. He is constantly receiving death threats. Due to this, he has also lodged a complaint with the mumbai Police. Not only this, recently, considering his safety, the actor has also bought a bulletproof car.

Actually, the actor had received death threats last month. As such, he is making every effort to ensure that he and his family are safe at all times. Apart from enhancing the security at his Galaxy apartment, the actor has now added a bulletproof car to his luxurious car collection.

According to reports, a new car with bulletproof glass was seen at salman Khan's house. The 'Tiger 3' actor has reportedly upgraded his ride to a bulletproof Land Cruiser. Although his new car is not the latest model, but this bulletproof car will work to keep him safe.

According to reports, the actor was targeted by members of lawrence Bishnoi's gang. In the past, there were also reports that some people are keeping an eye on his activities and a sharpshooter was also deployed outside his house. Following the revelations, the actor was advised to increase his security, be less visible in public and avoid going out of the house much.

Salman also applied for an arms license for self-defense. He was seen meeting the CP of mumbai a few days back to discuss the same. mumbai Police had said, "Salman Khan had recently applied for arms license in view of self-defense in mumbai Police after receiving the threat letter." Let us tell you that it was lawrence Bishnoi's gang who ridiculed singer Sidhu Moose Wala with bullets.

At present, what is your opinion on the security being increased by salman Khan? Do tell us by commenting, as well as if you have any suggestion, then definitely give it.

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