70 lakh rupees; The woman who played 'death' twice for insurance money... how did she get caught?

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70 lakh rupees; The woman who played 'death' twice for insurance money... how did she get caught?

Kanjan Roy (45) is a resident of Bayander, Mumbai. She is also known as Pavitra. Kanchan has defrauded insurance companies by using two names. Kanjan took out 5 policies with 5 private insurance companies in both his names giving two Aadhaar cards and two PAN cards. In october 2021, his son dhanraj filed a death certificate and cremation certificate stating that Kanjan had died due to a heart attack and applied for an insurance claim with the insurance company. 20.4 lakhs by one insurance company and 25 lakhs by another company after verifying the documents filed and disbursing the money. Insurance company representatives also visited the woman's home.

In this situation, the woman's husband Rohit filed a petition with the insurance company claiming that Pavitra had died on october 20 last year. manu had also included a photo of Pavitra with garlands on her body. 24.2 lakhs was awarded by an insurance company after examining his documents. Apart from this, Rohit had applied for compensation of Rs.24 lakh and Rs.17 lakh in two other insurance companies.

When the insurance company that paid the death policy amount to Kanchan's heirs was investigated, it was found that the same woman was receiving the death payment under a different name at the same address. After that, when the company inquired about the information related to the policy that was placed in the same woman's name with another insurance company, it was revealed that Pavitra and Kanjan were the same person.Both the death certificates were signed by Dr Ashtosh Yadav. After that, the insurance companies filed a complaint with the police.

A family has committed fraud by submitting completely fake documents. They are engaged in immodesty by staging a fake death drama. Knowing that the matter had gone to the police, Kanjan went into hiding with her son and husband. The doctor who signed the death certificate also disappeared. police are looking for them.

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