Politics is risky in terms of women's safety...

S Venkateshwari
Politics is risky in terms of women's safety...

The nation's girls and women, according to prime minister narendra modi, are goddess forms. Additionally, they discuss and assert women's empowerment. However, during the past ten years, he has not provided any assurance on any platform that the government is in charge of ensuring the protection of every girl and woman in the nation. As the prime minister, I promise that there won't be any instances of sexual exploitation or rape of women in the nation, nor would I discuss these incidents from a political standpoint. narendra modi, the prime minister, ought to ensure this. The public will only be able to think from this angle.

Now is the time to scrutinize electoral pledges

It's time to start doubting the promises made to the general public by all political parties and their nominees in the previous elections. The party that has been in power is the one that poses the greatest questions even in that regard. This is how the matter ought to be discussed. The bjp has ruled for a decade. For ten years, narendra modi served as prime minister. Naturally, in this kind of situation, the nation's regular people have the most concerns about prime minister narendra modi and the BJP.

The common people's convenience and the structure of government

The amount of hardship that the average person experienced throughout the Corona era and demonetization should be discussed. How is it possible for the general people to forget that the country's public health system was exposed to the coronavirus? The majority of the nation's victims at the time included the common populace. Customary laws were created to uphold the supremacy of the government over institutions of government such as the election Commission. The election Commission's neutrality has come under scrutiny since the government has exclusive control over the selection of election commissioners. Given their influence on the broader public, all of these concerns ought to be examined.

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