Who is Czech Republic's Miss World 2024 winner?

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Who is Czech Republic's Miss World 2024 winner?

In 2024, Krystyna Pyszková emerged victorious in Miss World. The 71st Miss World pageant took place in Mumbai, india on march 9 following a 28-year break. More than 115 countries sent contestants to the big event. After competing against these beauty queens, Krystyna, 24, took home the coveted title. Krystyna was crowned Miss World 2022 by Poland's Karolina Bielawska, a star-studded event. To find out who won the 71st Miss World title, scroll down.

Krystyna Pyszková hails from the nation of Czechia. The 24-year-old has accomplished a lot during her time in the beauty contest, in addition to becoming the ultimate Miss World. During the Top 4 competition, she was crowned Miss europe with Aché Abrahams of Trinidad and Tobago (Miss America), Yasmin Azaytoun of lebanon (Miss Asia and Oceania), and Lesego Chombo of Botswana. She also won the Best fashion Designer Award - europe during the competition. Her exquisite robe, adorned with black and red embroidery, exquisitely portrayed her heritage.

Krystyna Pyszková is pursuing two degrees in business administration and law in the meantime. She is a model for various countries. The Krystyna Pyszko Foundation was also started by her. Her proudest moment, according to Miss World Organization, was starting an english school in tanzania for poor kids. She spent nine years in an art academy and has a passion for music and art. She enjoys playing the violin and transverse flute.

Krystyna focused on her work in tanzania, where she opened a school and volunteered to support high-quality education for kids, for her beauty With A Purpose project. Since she is passionate about education, she chose to establish her foundation in the czech republic with the goal of offering a variety of educational programs to older adults and those with mental disabilities in addition to children. And lastly, the first runner-up is Yasmina Zaytoun from Lebanon.

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