Know who is the Mystery Burqa Woman?

S Venkateshwari
Know who is the Mystery Burqa Woman?

People were just speculating about the woman. No one knows the truth. The lady works hard for her family but you know who is that lady? Lady is not a delivery agent. Her name is Rizwana and she is a domestic helper by profession. She works in many homes in the Daliganj area.

Rizwana is the name of the mystery woman, she does this work

Rizwana works in people's homes. She earns Rs 1,500 a month from each household. In the evening, she also sells disposable glasses and clothes at some shops and stalls. With this, she earns 1 to 2 rupees on every packet. Rizwana says that she earns between Rs 5,000 and Rs 6,000 every month. She says that this keeps her everyday life going.

Rizwana lives in Janata nagari Colony. She has 4 children. The age of elder daughter is Lubna, whose age is 22 years. Bushra is 19 years old. Nashra is 7 years old. They also have a son whose name is Mohammad Yashi. Lubna is married. She runs the expenses of her family. She is living in a small room of 10 by 10.

That's why Rizwana was seen with a swiggy bag

When Hindustan Times asked Rizwana why she had carried the swiggy bag, she replied, "I needed a strong bag to keep disposable glasses and cups." So, I bought it for Rs.50 from a person selling it at Daliganj bridge. Since then I am carrying my belongings in this bag. I don't work for Swiggy. I carry all my things in this bag and go to the market for work. I cover a distance of about 20 to 25 kilometres every day.

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