KGF actor affects throat cancer??


KGF actor has cancer; Struggling with no money - film fraternity appeals for help

Actor Harish Roy popularly known as kgf Chacha is suffering from cancer and is struggling without money for treatment.

As beautiful as an actor's life is on the silver screen, so much pain lies behind the screen. There is no limit to the hardships of supporting actors in real life. A world-famous kannada supporting actor is now suffering from cancer and is struggling without money for treatment. He is none other than actor Harish Roy, known globally as 'KGF' Chacha. He is running out of money for cancer treatment.

Actor Harish Roy started acting in Sandalwood and is a popular actor who has been acting in the kannada film industry for almost 3 decades. Harish Roy's performance in kgf will never be forgotten. Many films starring Harish Roy have become blockbuster hits.

Especially, the movie 'KGF' released 4 years ago made Harish Roy famous worldwide. Actor Harish, who has dedicated his life to acting, has come as a shock to the film industry that he has no money for his treatment.

Actor Harish Roy has for the first time opened up about his ordeal in an interview. He said that he was suffering from thyroid cancer and was fighting between life and death. He anticipates the need for help. But the shy 'KGF' Chacha has never spoken about his thyroid cancer problem. Now in an unavoidable situation, she has revealed her tearful story. After thyroid cancer surgery, it is difficult to even eat. Kannada's proud actor is waiting for the help of his fellow Kannadas to get treatment.

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