Why do women suffer more headaches than men???

Why do women suffer more headaches than men???

A new study has claimed that women are more inclined to have headaches than men. The study revealed that 6% of women suffer from headaches more than 2.9% of men. Also, women are twice as likely to suffer from migraine as compared to men. Migraine is not a common disease, in which problems like nausea, bright light, and blurriness arise together with a severe headache.

The reason for this in researchers is believed to be a change in hormones, that is because the fluctuations in estrogen in the body increase the headache. According to researchers, 17% of women in the world are victims of migraine and usually, migraine lasts for three days. Its symptoms include vomiting and severe headache. Talking about men, migraine affects only 8.6% of men.

What do the experts say?

Based on 357 studies from the year 1960 till now, it was concluded that one out of every 6 people in the world has a headache at some point. In the changing lifestyle, when women are fulfilling the responsibilities of the family along with the job, the effect of migraine is increasing in them.

How to get relief?

Migraine is a serious disease, which can bother you for a long time. Therefore, to make a distance from it, uprooting it from the root is the only solution. You can take the help of yoga or Meditation to do this. This can be beneficial to a great extent.

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