Telangana's only woman mechanic: Breaks many beliefs!

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Women today are walking shoulder to shoulder with men in every field, yet many people believe that women cannot do the work in which too much force is used. Such people feel that these women, who are called gentle, are afraid to do heavy tasks. We have many examples of women to refute this. 

Telangana's only woman mechanic

The 31-year-old Adilakshmi, a resident of sujatha Nagar in Kothagudem, telangana, being a truck mechanic came as a surprise to many. The reason for this is that many people believe that this work is only for men, but Adilakshmi has proved this thinking wrong. She works in her husband's automobile repair shop. The great thing is that she is the only woman mechanic in Telangana.

Adilakshmi's childhood was spent in poverty

Adilakshmi is the second number among the four daughters of her parents. She could study only till the fourth grade. He was born in a poor family. Adilakshmi tells that neither her father had any land nor her husband has any land. Recalling her childhood days, Adilakshmi says that she remembers that those people used to be themselves even when they got idli or vada to eat. 

Started work to help husband 

Adilakshmi never thought that she would become a mechanic. She started this work only to help her husband. Her husband used to work away from home. Even he could not come when Adilakshmi was giving birth to another child. After this Adilakshmi thought that she would open an automobile shop here and help her husband so that her husband could stay at home. Similarly, while helping her husband, she herself became an expert mechanic. 

Adilakshmi is the mother of 2 children. She handles everything from 2-wheelers to truck tires and carriers. Adilakshmi married Veerabhadram in 2010 and moved to sujatha Nagar with her husband in search of a better livelihood. 

After a mechanic shop, the husband and wife also opened a welding shop. Adilakshmi is also an expert welder who has done many things including adding punctures. However, the effect of this work was also on his eyes, for which he had to spend a huge amount for the treatment. 

Many people came forward to help 

Seeing Adilakshmi's hard work and will, many people came forward to help and encourage her. Impressed by his work, telangana rashtra samithi leader and chief minister Chandrashekhar Rao's daughter K Kavita had called him to hyderabad to honor him. On this occasion, Kavita presented him a tire changing machine. Apart from this, a couple associated with another organization had gifted him some such machines so that his work could be easier. 

Adilakshmi's two daughters go to school. She says that she has suffered a lot due to poverty in her childhood, due to which she could not even go to school. Now she wants to send her daughters to school, give them good education and make them police officers. 

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