Don't compare your child with others

S Venkateshwari
Don't compare your child:
Most parents tend to see their future in their children and they always want them to be first and to achieve in all the fields. parents push them too hard and comparing with others which leads to an adverse psychological impact on the child. Comparing the child with siblings and neighbors will result in poor academic performance. Comparing starts from marks to sports as a scale of measurement parents use(i.e Why can't you write faster, Why don't you read better, etc..).
Stop comparing:
Comparing your child will make them demotivated also gives them stress and anxiety. Done be vulnerable to the kid, when you define the failure just sit with the child and ask for the difficulties open up with them but don't make them panic, always speak with them confidently instead of comparing with others, tell them 'Accept what you deserve' in order to take what it ends out. parents should always be the role model for your kid so make sure that you don't allow them to give a bad impression of signs over parenting. Finally, I suggest all the parents have to praise them whatever they do, be with them by way of enhancing their inborn strengths because every child is different and has their own talents. If you lay a strong foundation their future will be enhanced with strong and better.

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