Reign of 'Srija Reddy Saripalli'- The real mother of autism children...!!!

Mamatha Reddy.

Dr.Saripally Srija reddy started her kife’s journey as a simple woman followed by a mother and it transformed into a great power later on. She was very depressed when she came to know that her 2 year old son has some disability. Even they spend a lot money for the treatment, she did not understand why her son is not normal like other kids. She took him to many therapies but everything went in vain and blank. She got a ray of hope from that blankness which converted into a goal and now giving lights in the lives of many mothers whose children are suffering from Autism. She started Pinnacle Blooms for Autism kids and trying to eliminate Autism from our country. Today, on the occasion of her Birthday let us see few of her details which she shared in an interview:

Q:Namaste Dr.Srija Garau

A:Namaste Andi

Q:Who is your inspiration in becoming a doctor?

A:I reached to this stage with the support of my husband.

Q:How did your husband supported you with studies and your growth after marriage?

A:He played a main role in my success. I couldn’t have come this far without his support. He guided me in my career by suggesting me to do the Nutrition course.

Q:What is your hard work behind your smile which resulted from the smiles of many mothers?

A:We are very happy couple and normal like every other couple. Our life changes with the birth of our son. While everything is going on happily, someone raised the doubt that why our son couldn’t speak even at the age of 2 years. Then after consulting many doctors each one expressed different doubts. Anyways we solved the problem but still he couldn’t speak properly and again doctor suggested a therapy. With this we data-faced many troubles.

Q:How and when did you get the idea of establishing an Autism centre?

A:Many Autism centres troubled us a lot like they will not allow us to see the therapy. They never used to give homework. We thought no kid can come out of Autism if this process continues like this and from this Pinnacle Blooms was born. We allow the parents while giving the therapy so that they can practice at home.

Q:How much support did you get from your family?

A:Initially they posed many questions like the boy is good. Therapy I going on, no need to worry. Why to risk now as the investment is more? But my husband koti reddy supported me a lot. Without him, I couldn’t have started this. Eventhough it is risky, after seeing many kids in that stage we were shocked and decided to do something that will be helpful to them.

Q:Why Pinnacle is special compared to other companies?

A:When our son is getting treated, they didn’t feel this as a major problem. They didn’t even used to give complete treatment. Their companies are also small and clumsy. But Pinnacle is different from all these. We constructed it spaciously in a peaceful environment. We also provided the opportunity for the parents to watch the therapy from other rooms. We also record each and every progress made by the kids since they were recognized as Autism kids.

Q:At what age can we recognize this Autism?

A:The problem can be recognize from the 1 year age of the children. The kids suffering from Autism do not react to anything. Then we have to understand that they have some problem. Immediately they have to consult the doctor.

Q:What type of treatment is given in the Pinnacle?

A:We are giving far better treatment than big companies for only ten thousand rupees. We have the camera access. And to analyse the kids activity from time to time, we created a Miracle app. Present we are giving treatment to around 1500 kids.

Q:What plans are Pinnacle is going to implement for the kids in rural areas?

A:We have introduced National Autism helpline system in the last month. Anyone from any place in the country can call on this helpline and we can give suggestions accordingly. Our helpline number is 9100181181. Depending upon the problem we also provide free service. We are moving forward with a goal to establish 7000+ institutes in India. We also give free service to the poor people also.

Q:What are the problems you data-faced during the establishment and running of this company?

A:When we try to do good things, many people try to stop us. Similarly many tried to stop us from doing this. Some people suddenly used to appear and asked us about the permissions. We used to get threaten calls. Many corporate companies tried to compete with us. Sometimes they tried to create problems with the parents. But finally our hard work and quality treatment kept us in this stage.

Q:How is your son Samhith who is responsible for establishing the company now?

A:He is doing good by god’s grace. He could speak nice Telugu. We are teaching him english now.

Q:Who played the major role in the success of your husband?

A:My husband is solely responsible for his success. His hard work and determination made him the owner of 14 companies.

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