Srija Reddy- the mother and goddess of specially abled children

Mamatha Reddy.

How many of you know that there is a disorder in which children fail to communicate verbally and they don’t even know what they are doing and how to do anything in an orderly manner. How painful is to hear of this condition. There are many children suffering from these particular symptoms and it is known as 'Autism spectrum disorder'. Srija reddy Saripally, the manager of pinnacle Bloom Network who made it her ambition to bring light into the lives of these children. She is an educationalist and a professional dietician which facilitated her to understand the gravity of their problems and disturbances. She is just enabling them to overcome their difficulties with the utmost passion.

It all started when her son Samhith data-faced a similar kind of situation. She stood strong for him and started doing research on his condition and then she got to know this 'Autism’. She established 14 centers in various regions to educate the parents by providing information about the psychological behaviour of their children and collecting feedback regularly. With the blessings of all those children and their parents, the pinnacle blooms is now blossoming worldwide and we wholeheartedly wish more power and good health to Srija reddy garu in all her future endeavours.

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