Japan's young YouTube billionaire.!? Amazing growth..!

Sowmiya Sriram
Japan's young YouTube billionaire.!? Amazing growth..!
What can be done on YouTube..? How many people can win..? How much can you earn? The question has increased among people nowadays, and the main reason for this is that the number of famous people through YouTube and instagram has increased tremendously. Due to this, the questions have increased. If you only have a smartphone and skills, these wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">digital platforms have created an opportunity for you to decide your life and development. Its success is due to the fact that YouTuber Riku Tazumi has emerged as Japan's youngest billionaire at the age of just 26.
YouTubers in the world are different, YouTubers in japan are different. Japan's YouTubers are mostly live streamers, especially live streamers with virtual characters. Riku Tazumi, who created a talent agency based around this business, has become Japan's youngest billionaire today. In 2021, 21-year-old Riku Tazumi from tokyo founded a company called Ichikara.
He created an agency that brings together the most successful virtual YouTubers in japan, i.e. YouTubers who live stream with animated characters and turned it into a successful entertainment company. Through this, it decided to enter the stock market which started to develop rapidly. Thus Ichikara changed its name to Anycolor Inc.
Anycolor Inc was listed on tokyo Stock Exchange in june 2022 IPO and has grown about 8 times. Riku Tazumi owns 45 percent of the company, which values Sumab at 370 billion yen, or $2.5 billion. With this, Riku Tazumi's wealth has increased to 1.1 billion dollars and he has taken the name of Japan's youngest YouTube billionaire.
Notably, Riku Tazumi's Anycolor Inc. has grown 8x despite the Japanese yen at a multi-decade low against the US dollar and recession fears high.

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