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You cannot visit Facebook, instagram, or YouTube without viewing the videos of the Satish-Deepa duo. Even if you use whatsapp to hide from them, they will find their way in there as well. We talked to them since they had recently started trending on YouTube.
Describe yourself to us.
Satish here. spouse Deepa. chennai is where I was born. A civil engineer, I am. From a young age, I have had a deep interest in film. That is the fault of my mum. My mother first sparked my interest in movies when I was a small child by discussing the movies she had seen. I simply grew accustomed to it and increased my cinema viewing. Before tik tok, an app called Musically was introduced in 2015–16. It had everyone's full attention. Then, as a game, I began to upload videos as well. Together with my wife, I have been creating and posting videos.
After tik tok was banned, we weren't sure what to do, so we chose to make brief films on instagram and YouTube. Since august of last year, I have been posting videos on YouTube. The video gained popularity. The shorts arrived next, which were helpful to us. Our one-minute videos then began to be seen. The videos received millions of views as the days went on. I rarely concentrate on vlog videos. Instead, I created engaging videos featuring regular home occurrences. While my wife Deepa uploads vlog videos to a channel. It is identical to what happened in our home, according to several viewers of my films.
Many consumers are now unsure whether money will arrive from short sales. regards that?
"YouTube shorts generate income. In any event, they will contribute a total amount. They paid for one short in september and october 2021. They used to only pay for videos that were under a minute long. However, they now stipulate that the video must last longer than a minute.
YouTube decreased the price per video as more individuals began to upload quick videos. They started donating large sums of money. For instance, they began making a monthly payment of $100. You'll make more money if the video becomes popular. Only if one or two videos receive one million views will there be an income.

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