No age to learn: Exams at 105, PhD at 73!!


Age is only a number. Many people have proved this time and time again. If there is a fire in the chest and the will is strong, then a person can achieve anything. No matter what his age. Some people have very negative perceptions about the elderly. It is worth mentioning that many times he has proved that he can run a race at the age of 100, open a start up. Even after crossing a stage of age, one can study.

Today we know the story of some such elders who proved that there is no age to learn.

01. Passed class 4th at the age of 105

Bhagirathi Amma from kerala passed class 4th at the age of 105 with 74.5% marks. Bhagirathi Amma became the oldest woman to pass an examination at this age. She was also honored with the Nari shakti Puraskar by the government of India. He took the exam under the kerala Literacy Mission and got 205 marks out of 275. The special thing is that Bhagirathi Amma got 75 out of 75 in Maths. After 2 years of this success, he died at the age of 107.

02. Retired headmaster of 73 years achieved PhD

Thangappan, who was a teacher and headmaster at the Devasam Board school in tamil Nadu, earned his PhD at the age of 73. Thangappan, who had retired for 15 years, was cultivating cashew nuts on his ancestral land. There was also a hankering for education within Thangappan, who was interested in Gandhi's principles. Even in life, he follows the principles of Gandhiji. Getting a doctorate degree was also one of his aspirations and that is why he registered at Manomaniam Sundaranar university and started research at Courtallam Parasakthi college under professor Kanakambal. Thangappan did research on the importance of Gandhi's principles in a world full of terrorism today.

03. PhD at 80

Sasikala from Ujjain, madhya pradesh did her MA between 2009-2011 after retiring from the post of lecturer from the education department and decided that she would do PhD. She started studying Varahamihira's astrological treatise 'Vrihat Samhita' in sanskrit and was eventually successful. Sasikala completed her PhD at the age of 80 under the guidance of Dr. Mithila prasad Tripathi, former vice-chancellor of Maharishi Panini university, on the topic 'Images of social life in the mirror of the Great Samhita'.

04. Passed State education Exam at the age of 104

104-year-old Kuttiyamma from kerala did exceptionally well in the state's state education exams. The special thing is that Kuttiyamma raised the flag of success at the age of 104. He secured 89 marks out of 100 in the examination. Let us tell you that Kuttiyamma had never seen the data-face of the school. Despite this, she could read and recognize letters.

05. Passed 10th at the age of 53

Prasad Jambhale told on LinkedIn that his mother, Kalpana passed the Secondary school Certificate (SSC) i.e. 10th. Due to the death of the father, a mountain of troubles fell on Kalpana's family. He had to drop out of school at the age of 16 and take a job to run the household. After 37 years, he secretly started his studies again. Kalpana not only passed 10th but also secured 79.60 per cent marks. Kalpana has started her studies again, her family members also came to know later.

06. Gave IIT Entrance at the age of 80

Engineer, Nandkumar K. menon arrived at the age of 80 to appear for the BSc course in Data Science at IIT Madras. A mechanical engineer by profession, menon did not pass the test completely, with 2 papers left to clear. He took this exam to challenge himself and learn new age skills. He told that he does not want to take the seat of any youth and hence he enrolled in the online program. When menon came to take the examination, he was stopped by the guard, he had to explain to the guard that he was an examiner, not a pleader.

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