This Sardarji is a hero for Common man- cheap fuel!!

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The impact of inflation around the world has increased the prices of fuel along with other resources very much. In such a situation, if you come to know that a person is giving fuel to other people cheaply by taking a loss himself , would you believe it?

Suffering himself to help people

In this way, you may not believe it, but when you come to know about these Sardar ji living in America, then you will have to believe. Actually this Sikh person of America is selling gas to his customers at cheap price. This Sardar ji is taking a heavy loss of himself to save the people from trouble. This noble work of his has made him a hero on social media. According to reports, Jasvendra Singh, the owner of a gas station in Phoenix, loses around $500 every month by selling fuel at rates below his purchase price.

Getting praised on social media 

Actually, Jasvendra Singh sells gas to his customers at the rate of $ 5.19 per gallon. This price is 47 cents less than their purchase price. He sells around 3,785 liters of gas per day. In today's era, no businessman can work with such selflessness. In such a situation, it is not possible for anyone to run his business but Jasvendra likes to stand apart from the crowd. This quality of his has now distinguished him as a hero on social media. 

The effect of parent's learning 

According to the report of News18, when Jasvendra Singh was asked why he was doing this, he gave a beautiful answer and said, 'People do not have money right now. My mother and my father taught us that if you have something, help.  He and his wife have to work overtime due to the losses they are getting in their business. Let us tell you that in march he was earning 10 cents less than his cost. He said that 'it does not matter to them because they get help from God'. He says that he is himself in helping people more than earning money. They really get a lot of pleasure by doing this. 

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