IAS Couple is winning hearts!!

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A few days ago a photograph taken from a distance of a stadium in delhi went viral. IAS sanjeev Khirwar (IAS sanjeev Khirvar) and IAS Rinku Dugga kicked out the players from Thyagraj Stadium, to walk their dog. After the picture went viral, both the IAS were heard very loudly everywhere.

From the general public to the IAS, the IPS, and the minister, everyone started demanding action on both. Both were transferred in a hurry, one to Ladakh and one to Arunachal Pradesh. With #kutta on social media, people started asking what will happen to the dog, where will the dog go and most importantly, who will walk the dog? Laughter and jokes have their place, but why the 'Babugiri' of the officials does not go from this country, this question was on everyone's mind.

Image of IAS moving in mud from Assam

Floods have wreaked havoc in Assam. Millions became homeless. Many lost their lives. Relief work is going on at its own pace. The devastation of the flood can be gauged from the fact that a city called Haflong was completely submerged. 27 districts of the state are flood affected. In the midst of the devastation, pictures of Deputy Commissioner keerthi Jalli of a district Cachar are going viral. In one picture, she is seen walking through a mud-filled path and in another, she is seen taking a boat ride in the flood waters.

IAS kirti Jalli also married in a very simple way. According to a report, in september 2020, she got married at her own house and went on duty the next day. All the Kovid rules were taken care of in the marriage. The guests did not even know that they were attending the wedding. IAS fame is an example.

Video of IAS eating mid-day meal sitting down with children from Bihar

A picture of Udayan Mishra, district Magistrate of district Katihar, Bihar, has also come to the fore. DM Mishra is seen sitting on the ground and eating mid-day meal with the children. According to the report by Dainik Jagran, on Thursday, he had gone out to inspect the schools. He reached the upgraded secondary school in Rautara and started eating mid-day meals along with the children.

During a surprise school inspection in april 2022, DM Udayan Mishra quietly reached a school. Entered through the back door of the classroom and sat on the last bench. When the teacher asked him for his identity, the whole class came to know that the DM was attending the class. DM Udayan Mishra also started saturday Cycling initiative in march 2022. Leaving his official vehicle, he was seen reaching the office on a bicycle.

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