Rustom-e-Hind: Wrestler who never lost a single Fight!

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If we talk about wrestling in India, then there is definitely mention of Ghulam Mohammad Baksh Bhatt alias Gama Pehelwan. Gama was that indian wrestler who never lost a single wrestling match. He played India's dunk all over the world and became 'Rustom-e-Hind' and got recorded in the pages of history. His stories still fascinate us today.

Wrestling was a hobby since childhood

Gama was born on 22 May 1878 in Jabbowal village of Amritsar. However, there have been differences among historians regarding his birthplace. Some historians believe that he was born in Datia district of Madhya Pradesh. His father Mohammad Aziz Baksh was himself a wrestler. Seeing his father wrestling since childhood, his interest in wrestling also increased. Learned the tricks of wrestling from his father.

Encountered with Rustam-e-Hind twice

Gama started wrestling at an early age. Big wrestlers were slammed and dusted. In the year 1895, Gama data-faced the country's biggest wrestler Rustam-Hind Rahim Baksh Sultaniwala. Whose length was 6 feet 9 inches. While the length of Gamma was 5 feet 7 inches. Despite being younger than Sultaniwala, Gama fought boldly. This match may have been a draw but Gama had become famous.

Further, Gama defeated the big wrestlers of the country like Ghulam Mohiuddin, Ali baba Sen of Indore, Hasan Baksh of Multan and Pratap Singh of Bhopal. Now Gama had become the invincible wrestler of the country. No wrestler could beat him. In the year 1910, Gama once again data-faced Rustam-e-Hind Rahim Baksh Sultaniwala. Once again the result of this match did not come out. This match was also drawn.

When angry in london gave a challenge to the wrestlers

By hoisting the winning flag in many competitions of the country, Gama wanted to make his mark in the country as well as abroad. He wanted to participate in the 1910 Wrestling championship to be held in London. But Gama was disappointed. He did not get entry in that international championship. His height became a hindrance for him. He was not included because of his low height.

It is said that being angry with this, Gama challenged the wrestlers there to defeat them within 30 minutes. However, none of the wrestlers had the courage to accept his challenge.

6 indigenous chickens and 10 liters of milk were included in the diet

Gama was a strong saddle wrestler. He used to pay great attention to his diet. His diet used to be very heavy. According to many media reports, Gama used to eat 6 desi chickens every day. Along with this, he used to drink 10 liters of milk daily. Apart from this, Gama used to use some beverage, in which 200 grams of almonds were grinded and put. It is said that Gama used to practice wrestling with 40 of his companions every day. His exercise included 5 thousand sittings and 3 thousand pushups daily.

Death in failure, medals had to be sold

Gama fought more than 50 matches in the country and abroad. He did not data-face defeat in any match. Which includes the World Heavyweight championship in the year 1910 and the World Wrestling championship in the year 1927. After which he was awarded the title of 'Tiger'. Despite this, his last time was painful.

In the year 1927, Gama fought his last wrestling match with wrestler Jess Petersen in Sweden. After leaving wrestling, The Great Gama wrestler became a patient of asthma and heart attack. He had to go through a period of financial troubles at the end of his life. He even had to sell his medals to keep himself alive. Finally, in 1960, at the age of 82, Gama died in failure.

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