Athens Olympic Winner Sita Sells Samosa!!

Sindujaa D N

Won two medals for the country in Athens olympics, now Sita Sahu of Rewa is forced to make samosas at home. One of the indian players who won medals for the country in the Athens olympics 2011 was Sita of Rewa. Despite being a disabled, Sita had prepared herself and brought two bronze medals for the country in the Special Olympics. Sita had promoted india in the 200 and 1600 meters race of athletics.

Sita was highly respected upon her return to India. Various announcements were also made. But Sita, who won a medal for the country, is forced to sell samosas today. She helps her mother and brother to walk home. Actually Sita comes from a very common family. Somehow, his family raised money and sent him for the Athens Olympics. Sita had also lived up to the expectations.

When Sita's father was there, everything was fine in her family. Sita's life changed after the death of Sita's father. He lost his connection with the game. Due to financial constraints, he had to leave his dreams behind. Now Sita makes samosas at home to help her brother and mother. Unfortunately, now no one is going to take any news of him.

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