Archana Stalin: Techie Turned Successful Entrepreneur..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Archana Stalin: Techie Turned Successful Entrepreneur..!?
Like a family doctor, archana Stalin from chennai has been creating a concept of the family farmer and focusing on organic farming for the last 7 years. archana said that before 2015, her husband and she planted a terrace garden. From there, her journey began. Then they started advising on organic farming to the farmers. But, the farmers again put before them the question of what do they know about agriculture. Then, their natural farming work started on two acres of land. Only then did they know what agriculture and the plight of the peasants were. In particular, it was understood that it was very difficult to market the products produced after farming.
So they started the work of bringing the vegetables that can be produced in natural agriculture directly to the customers. Then in 2018, they started a company called 'My Harvest'. Initially, they directly distributed the natural agricultural produce they could produce to 18 families. Over the day, customers were told that the main need was for vegetables to be given to children. But the natural agriculture they were producing did not have the environment to grow all kinds of vegetables. So they traveled to various districts in tamil Nadu and met farmers who could do organic farming.
 At present they bring 200 natural agricultural products directly to chennai with 160 farmers. She said that they are currently having 3000 customers.
Moreover, there are also various large companies in the market especially for natural agriculture today. But what she sees as the most important reason that differs from them is credibility. They ask customers in advance what products they need and make a list. Thereby natural agricultural products will be obtained from the farmers. Lettuce varieties harvested in the morning, especially from districts like Tiruvallur near chennai, come to them directly after harvest.

By creating an understanding of organic farming among the customers, the customers understand how its use and the farming system that may be behind it. Organic farming requires a great deal of human labor, most importantly. Although yields are low, the benefits of natural agricultural products produced by human labor are high. Not only consumers but also farmers are benefiting from this.They recently screened the film 'The Last Farmer' in chennai and held an event inviting farmers from different districts. The event was attended not only by farmers but also by customer families who could buy goods from farmers.

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