Jayalalitha in throne of hearts not in Arena!?

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Chennai: Former chief minister J jayalalithaa has excelled in film and politics.

She was the chief minister for 15 years and also led the party as the General Secretary of the AIADMK. She entered politics under the guidance of former chief minister mgr and established herself as an iron Lady.

Former chief minister J jayalalithaa is a multi-talented actress, chief minister and AIADMK General Secretary. She was also a leading actress and joined the AIADMK under the guidance of mgr and became the first after MGR.

She has been the chief minister of tamil Nadu for 15 consecutive years. She led the party as the iron Lady, took charge as the chief minister and introduced and implemented various welfare schemes in tamil Nadu. Not only this, but she also excelled in her studies. She topped the state level in the school finals and won the gold medal.


Apart from this, she has also learned Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music effectively. jayalalithaa, who made her acting debut in the film White Dress, showed off her excellent acting in the film. One in a thousand of his subsequent performances with mgr was well-received and subsequently emptied of cinematic opportunities.

Acting in 127 films

She has acted in 28 hit films with mgr alone. Most of these are hit movies. She has acted in a total of 127 films not only in South indian languages but also in Hindi.

Proficiency in 7 languages

Extra special is that he speaks 7 languages. jayalalithaa, who joined the AIADMK in the presence of the mgr in the 1980s, promoted herself as the Secretary for Policy Outreach and a member of the High-Level Committee on the Nutrition Program, and a member of the State Council.

Various projects

After the demise of mgr, he strengthened the divided AIADMK and won the last assembly elections in 2001, 2011 and 2016 and became the chief minister of tamil Nadu. Various projects including the Native Cradle Baby Project, Rainwater Harvesting are gaining attention across India.

The iron Lady

Jayalalithaa, who emerged as the best actress in the film industry for 17 years, has served as the chief minister of tamil Nadu 6 times and the General Secretary of the party for 29 years. jayalalithaa, who is well known in India, took many important decisions and came back as an iron Lady.

In this context, the AIADMK had organized various events on behalf of the party on the occasion of Jayalalithaa's 74th birthday today. Meanwhile, the tamil Nadu government has announced that a wreath will be laid at her statue on behalf of the government.

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