Koti reddy-creator of 'success' formula

Koti reddy saripally, a self made man who enjoyed learning at the age of going to movies and playing with friends. He has a future vision of computer world and search all sources to reach it. He has never crossed A P data-borders but became a key developer of software in U S. This happened during the development of windows software. This has shown that a person doesn’t need money or degree, its only talent needed to cross the boundaries. 

Earning money is different from spending it. He can spend a luxurious life with his money and fame but he spends 33% of his income on welfare activities. Spending money means not in the form of cheques or clothes. He took social responsibility and spends part of his day in serving kids with autism. pinnacle blooms is a training institute, day care for kids with a neurological disorder called autism. 

He understood that there is a need of knowing the organ functioning of body parts in human body, for which he is working on ‘Hi fi’ index which provides that facility in low price. Living is not a great thing. The reason for living known by only few people like koti Reddy. Such people should live long. They will make others too live long.

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