Sai Pallavi performed Katrina Kaif's hit song..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Sai Pallavi performed katrina Kaif's hit song..!?
Sai Pallavi is a great actress and more than that a dancer. sai pallavi performed on stage during her college days. She rocked to katrina Kaif's 'Sheela Ki Jawani' song with amazing steps. The old video goes viral. sai pallavi is the best dancer among the heroines of this generation. There is no doubt about it. sai pallavi has participated in many dance shows since her teenage years. She loves to dance. It must be said that Sai Pallavi's dance in the songs 'Vakhinde Mella Melaga Vaude', 'Rowdy Baby', and 'Sarangadariya', featuring sai pallavi, is amazing. dance is also one of the things that brought immense craze to Sai Pallavi.

Sai Pallavi's dance video goes viral on social media. During her college days, she gave a stage performance during the college fest. katrina Kaif's 'Sheela Ki Jawani' song is the most popular. sai pallavi danced to this song with her friends. Sai Pallavi's energy, mesmerizing steps, and grace are mesmerizing.
This old video has gone viral. sai pallavi made her debut as a heroine with the malayalam film Premam. As premam became a blockbuster, offers queued up for Sai Pallavi. Sai Pallavi's first film in Telugu, Fida, was a huge success. Currently, Tandel is doing a movie with naga Chaitanya. chandu mondeti of karthikeya fame is the director of this film. It will be released under the geetha arts banner. An emotional love drama is being produced on a pan-India scale. Also, sai pallavi will make a bollywood entry. sai pallavi will play the role of Sita in the Ramayanam movie to be directed by Nitesh Tiwari. It is reported that sai pallavi has received a huge amount of remuneration for this film starring ranbir kapoor and Yash.

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