Is this how you make bread..!? Viral..!

Sowmiya Sriram
Is this how you make bread..!? Viral..!
Today, social media has taken the place of moms to teach them how to cook. But ahead of the questions about whether it will come across as what your mother taught you, videos telling you how not to cook at all are also trending on social media. social media has taken care of everything, from entertainment to obsolescence, since our world came to the mobile phone. At times a joy, at other times a nuisance, the cell phone is alternately praised and reviled.
We watch everything from recipes to serials and bury our eyes in our mobile phones. That's right, a bread-making video caught while watching a cooking video on instagram makes him realize the health crisis. This video was taken at a bakery in Kanpur. From mixing flour to baking bread, this video shows the unhygienic way of food preparation.
The question this video raises is what makes the video go viral and get our attention.One of them said, “Have I bought and eaten this bread for so long? No bread for breakfast from now on," he said. Another said, "Don't buy products made outside, like our grandmother said right!".

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