BenQ expands its range of 4K Monitors with the launch of all new RD280U Programming Monitor

BenQ, a global pioneer in display technology, has unveiled another innovative RD280U monitor in the RD Series — the first-ever range of monitors specifically engineered for programmers and developers. The RD280U is designed with BenQ’s unique Fine-Coated Panel, which features advanced anti-glare and anti-reflective properties tailored for coding, offering developers an optimal and adaptable coding environment.
The RD280U monitor features a 28.2-inch display with a 3:2 aspect ratio and 4K+ resolution, displaying more lines of code vertically. It includes a KVM switch, multi-stream transport, and BenQ's productivity software suite. The proprietary coding mode enhances text clarity for better code distinction in various lighting conditions. Additionally, the monitor has a Coding HotKey for achieving a focused workflow, ideal for experienced developers, complemented by the MoonHalo Backlight for improved illumination.
MoonHalo Backlight aims to improve the work environment for late-night coding by creating an immersive atmosphere and reduces eye strain. It also provides extra lighting in low-lit areas and reduces daytime glare. Overall, it's more than just a backlight, it is a revolutionary tool for programmer workspaces
The RD Series prioritizes comfort with Night Hours Protection, featuring minimal brightness, an eye-care filter, dark room optimization, and Brightness Intelligence Gen2 for automatic ambient light adjustment. Display Pilot 2 software also enhances user experience by enabling function adjustments without the OSD. It includes tools like Desktop Partition, software Dimming, application Mode, Direct Search, Focus, Circadian Mode, HiDPI, and Shortcuts.
Commenting on the launch, Mr. rajeev Singh, Managing director - BenQ india and South Asia stated, "The RD280U represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to empowering developers with cutting-edge technology. The RD series and its focus on eye care and ergonomics exemplify BenQ's dedication to enhancing productivity and prioritizing the well-being of developers who spend long hours perfecting their craft. The RD280U is thus more than just a monitor; it's a comprehensive solution designed to elevate the coding experience and push the boundaries of innovation.”
Key Features at a Glance:
●        Productivity-focused aspect ratio – 3:2
●        4K+(3840 x 2560) resolution with 95% P3 for visual brilliance
●        Fine-coated panel with EyeCare for clear coding
●        Advanced Dual Coding mode with crystal-clear fonts for light/dark themes
●        Built-in backlight: MoonHalo with  light customization
●        Night Hours Protection with auto brightness intelligence
●        KVM switch, multi-stream transport, software productivity suite
●        Ergonomic adjustability and recycled materials construction
Price and Availability
The BenQ RD280U Programming Monitor is available for INR 47,500 and can be purchased through the brand’s e-Store, amazon india, and leading gadget & IT retail stores across India.
Link to the product: Click Here
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