Desi Twitter Koo is shutting down...

S Venkateshwari
Desi twitter Koo is shutting down...

Koo, a Desi social media firm, is closing. This was disclosed in a LinkedIn post by Aprameya Radhakrishnan, the co-founder of the business. Discussions on the sale or merger of Koo have been ongoing for a while now with other businesses, including DailyHunt. Following the failure of the negotiations, Koo's creator chose to close the business.

Koo was being promoted as X's (formerly known as Twitter) substitute. Koo was founded in 2019 by Aprameya Radhakrishnan and mayank Bidwatka, and it was introduced in march 2020. Koo gained notoriety when, amid the farmers' demonstration against the three agricultural laws at the delhi boundaries, there was a disagreement between the indian government and X, the former twitter, regarding the removal of protest footage from the social media network. The state of affairs had gotten so bad that Koo was the focus of government press releases rather than X.

In a post on LinkedIn, Aprameya radhakrishna disclosed Koo's shutdown. This is the last update from our end, he wrote. We're going to stop providing services to the general public because our continued attempts to form a partnership have failed. We have attempted to negotiate joint ventures with major media outlets, corporate organizations, and internet companies; but, the discussions have not produced the desired outcome. The majority of people didn't want to work with a social media organization with wild inclinations and user-generated content. A few withdrew just short of signing the contract. According to Aprameya radhakrishna, "We wanted to keep the app running, but we have to make this decision because the cost of technology services for running a social media app is very high."

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