How AI is making our everyday tasks easier...?

S Venkateshwari

How AI is making our everyday tasks easier...?

AI is used not only in big companies but also in our everyday lives. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we listen to songs, watch movies, use phones, andeven cars that run without a driver are the wonders of AI. AI works so intelligently that we do not even realize that we are using it. The use of Artificial Intelligence makes our everyday life easier in two ways – software and hardware. 

AI software are programs that run on our phones and computers. These make our work easier and faster. For example: You must have heard the name of Alexa, siri or google Assistant. They understand your voice and answer all kinds of questions, play music, set reminders and much more.

Nowadays most smartphones have the feature of data-face unlock. It unlocks the phone by recognizing your data-face. This is the wonder of AI. When you make an online payment, AI checks the transaction and if it finds something wrong, it immediately alerts you.

Second, there are AI-powered devices that operate in the world around us. For example: Drones are aircraft that fly without a pilot. They are used in photography, delivering goods and even in farming. Self-driving cars are cars that run without a driver. With the help of AI, it recognizes the things coming in the way and moves on its own. Robots are used to make goods in factories. They can do repetitive tasks easily. Apart from this, theInternet of Things (IoT) is a system in which many devices are connected online. Example: Smart bulb controlled from a phone. Meaning, AI is infiltrating everywhere in our everyday lives and making our lives easier. Let us understand in detail where, how and through what things AI is making our daily tasks easier.

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