AC Tips: Misuse of AC will increase the electricity bill!!


AC Tips: Be careful! Misuse of AC will increase the electricity bill, do not make these common mistakes even by mistake

The use of air conditioners is common during summer. But people do not have the correct information, due to which AC has a bad effect. Besides, misuse of AC also increases electricity consumption. Learn some tips in this news.

The heat wave is at its peak. people take various measures to avoid the heat in their homes. people also use air conditioners or AC to get relief from the heat. However, using AC for a long time affects its capacity and cooling. Know further in the news what things are important to keep in mind while using AC. 

Incorrect thermostat setting

Most of the people who use AC think that if they run the AC at a lower temperature then the AC will provide more cooling and cool the room faster. However, this is not at all the case, by running the AC at a lower temperature the AC has to work more and the electricity consumption also increases. In such a situation, the AC should be set at 24 to 26 degrees. By doing this the AC provides better cooling. The temperature of the AC can be set according to different times of the day, this is called a programming feature, but very few people use it. 

Ignoring AC Maintenance

Most of the people do not maintain AC properly while using it. Especially it is very important to change the air filter of the AC and clean it from time to time. The air filter should be replaced every three months. By doing this the efficiency of the AC remains fine. Besides, AC also provides cool and clean cooling. If you get professional maintenance of AC done from time to time, then minor problems in AC get resolved at the right time. 

poor airflow management

Many times it happens that the air flow of AC is not correct. There can be many reasons behind this like AC coming from behind some furniture or air not circulating properly due to curtains. Because of this, the AC vents do not work properly. In such a situation, the air coming from the AC does not spread properly in the entire room. Many people do not use a fan with AC. This is a wrong habit. Actually, due to the running of the fan, the AC air spreads quickly and properly throughout the room. 

The problem ininstallation and data-size of AC

People do not have the correct information. For this reason, we buy a higher capacity AC for a small room and a lower capacity AC for a larger room. If you are thinking of buying a new AC these days, then choose the AC according to the room. You can also save electricity by choosing the right data-size AC. For this, you can take the help of an expert. Apart from this, it has been seenmany times that sometimes something goes wrong while installing the AC. Due to this, there is leakage or any kind of noise coming from the AC. In such a situation, always get the AC installed by a competent and professional mechanic. 

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