What is there in the new report regarding earthquake prediction?

S Venkateshwari

What is there in the new report regarding earthquake prediction?

Science magazine Smithsonian has made a report regarding accurate prediction of earthquakes. According to this, geologists are trying to make accurate predictions of earthquakes with the help of artificial intelligence. Paul Johnson, a scientist doing research on this at America's Los Alamos National Laboratory, says - Many scientists were saying that earthquakes cannot be predicted accurately, but now work is being done on this at a rapid pace. Matthew Berger, a geologist working with Johnson, said while talking to Smithsonian magazine - I have become more optimistic than before.

On the question of when this work can be completed, Johnson says - Nothing can be said on this right now, but we can make a lot of progress on this in the next few decades. The Seismology Society of America magazine has published a report quoting geologists from the university of Austin. According to this, 70 percent of the earthquakes predicted by AI a week ago proved to be correct. 

Geologist Sergei Fomel, who was involved in the research, says that till now no technology has been able to get close to the earthquake, but we are trying to get closer to it through AI data. According to Fomel, the earthquake which had become almost impossible to predict, now seems theoretically possible. Scientists say that seismic data is similar to what google and amazon are using in their AI devices google Assistant and Alexa.

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