Major Layoffs In 2024: Tesla, Apple, McKinsey, Google, Amazon And Many More


Major Layoffs In 2024: tesla, apple, McKinsey, google, amazon And Many More

Major Layoffs In 2024: In the last few months of 2024, the industry has experienced a surge in layoffs from major players across various sectors, leaving a significant number of employees without jobs

Corporations worldwide have been grappling with layoffs, a trend that has no industry boundaries. The latest to join this unfortunate list is tesla, the brainchild of Elon Musk. On Monday, it was reported that the company is contemplating a workforce reduction of over 10 percent. As per reports, these tesla layoffs are a result of role duplications within the company. The decision to implement these job cuts across the entire organization could affect over 14,000 employees, as per a Reuters report citing an internal memo.

In the last few months of 2024, the industry has experienced a surge in layoffs from major players across various sectors, leaving a significant number of employees without jobs. 

Here are some of the major layoffs that have occurred this year.

McKinsey Layoffs

McKinsey has reportedly implemented layoffs affecting approximately 360 positions amidst a decrease in demand for its consulting services. According to the reports, the layoffs were set to be executed globally in April, affecting employees across various divisions such as design, data engineering, cloud, and software.

Earlier in the month, the firm reportedly introduced an unconventional offer to specific employees, which states that they accept nine months' salary and opt for a sabbatical. Alongside career coaching assistance and supplementary resources, the management consulting firm extends this package to specific UK staff considering departure. 

Apple Layoffs

Apple, the tech giant, has reportedly terminated more than 600 employees in california this month. According to filings with the california Employment Development Department, these layoffs impacted individuals involved in projects concerning car and smartwatch displays as the company aims to wrap up these initiatives. The tech firm also fired hundreds of employees in February.

Amazon Layoffs

Amazon announced several rounds of layoffs across different departments in the first four months of this year, including the amazon Web services (AWS) division, affecting thousands of employees worldwide.

Barclays Layoffs

Barclays decided to downdata-size its investment banking division workforce by several hundred employees in March, which will result in the laying of employees in the coming months. This move data-aligns with the bank's long-term goal of optimizing expenses and boosting profitability within the unit. 

Google Layoffs

Throughout these four months of 2024, the tech major google has announced several rounds of layoffs affecting hundreds of its employees across multiple divisions, showing that it will take some time before the tech sector’s situation comes back to normal.

Unilever Layoffs

Unilever, the parent company of popular ice cream brands like Magnum and Ben & Jerry's, has announced intentions to separate its ice cream division into an independent entity. This strategic decision coincides with the introduction of a new cost-saving plan that impacted around 7,500 positions worldwide within the company.

Dell Layoffs

In a regulatory filing in March, dell Technologies revealed a strategic decision to reduce its workforce as part of an effort to control expenses. As of february 2, 2024, the company reported an employee count of nearly 120,000, down from approximately 126,000 the previous year, indicating a reduction of about 6,000 jobs.

IBM Layoffs

The tech firm reportedly fired several people from the marketing and communications teams. Previously, the company announced a strategy to replace over 8,000 positions with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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