Hexa AI Voicebot With Support For 5 Major Indian Languages Launched


Hexa AI Voicebot With Support For 5 Major indian Languages Launched: All You Need To Know

Hexa is capable of understanding and responding in five major indian languages: Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada. It also understands and responds in English.

An innovative AI voicebot, Hexa, has been launched to revolutionize customer service for businesses without the hindrance created by language barriers. The voicebot, developed by Haloocom, is capable of understanding and responding in six major indian languages namely Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada. 

It also understands and responds in English. indian consumers have often data-faced challenges such as language barriers, extended wait times, and impersonal phone support interactions. Now, Hexa will be addressing those issues and providing instantaneous support in customers' preferred languages.

This innovation will eliminate the need for translation or waiting for bilingual agents. One of the best parts of this will be that it will operate 24/7. It will provide consistent support regardless of time zones or agent availability which will ultimately enhance the overall customer experience. Hexa embraces the linguistic diversity of india with 22 official languages and numerous regional dialects.

How Does Hexa Work?

It has been trained on a vast dataset of speech samples and it navigates dialects and accents with ease. It can comprehend diverse pronunciations and regional variations. One of the most interesting bits about this AI voicebot is that it doesn't just stick to keyword matching but goes beyond and understands the intent and sentiment behind each query, including emotions and nuanced language expressions. 

It will empower businesses with a contact center solution that will feature supercharged agent productivity, handle routine inquiries, and allow agents to work better on complex issues. It provides actionable customer insights by analyzing interactions and refining the strategies related to customer service. It integrates seamlessly with several communication channels to ensure a consistent customer experience across platforms.

Hexa includes Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for accurate speech-to-text conversion, Text-to-Speech (TTS) for natural-sounding responses, and Voice Biometrics/Verification for data security and privacy during sensitive transactions. The maker, Haloocom, plans to expand Hexa's capabilities by integrating prominent global languages such as Swahili, Setswana, Tok Pisin, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Chinese in future updates.

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