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Galaxy S24 Ultra vs S23 Ultra: How much has Samsung's new phone changed from the old one, which is best for you?

Galaxy S24 Ultra: samsung has launched the Galaxy S24 series. The most special model of this series is the Galaxy S24 Ultra. In this, you get 4 cameras and a 5000 mAh battery. Know what is best for you in this article.

Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S24 series in its biggest event of this year. At present, you can pre-book all three phones. If you book smartphones now, you will get them cheaper than the launch price. The company is giving the benefit of bank offers and exchange bonuses. In this article, we will tell you how much the new phone has changed from the old model and what is best for you.


In terms of design, the company has given a flat display instead of round edges in Galaxy S24 Ultra, which reduces the weight of the phone by 2 grams, and the thickness has also been reduced by 0.3mm (8.6mm) in this model. However, this is not a big upgrade compared to the S23 because the weight of the phone was 234 grams and the thickness was 8.9mm. The company has used a titanium frame in the new model. Samsung launched the S23 Ultra in black, cream, green, and lavender color options. The company has launched the new phone in Titanium Black, Grey, Yellow, and Violet colors.


In the new phone, the company has given a peak brightness of 2600 nits, which is a big upgrade over the previous model. The brightness of 1750 nits was given in S23 Ultra. The rest of the core display components are the same in both phones.


In the old model, the company had given Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, whereas in the new model, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SOC has been given. This is Qualcomm's latest chip which supports AI features. This chip already comes with faster performance, low power consumption, and enhanced graphics.

Galaxy AI

In Samsung's new phones, you get the support of Galaxy AI, due to which you get many AI features in the phone. This is not the case in the old model for now. However, the company has said that before june this year, users will start getting the support of Galaxy AI in the S23 series also. Apart from this, it will also be given in the Z Fold 5 series.


The company has not made any major changes in the matter of camera also. In the old phone, you got four cameras of 200 mp + 10MP + 12MP + 10MP, whereas in the new phone, you got four cameras of 200 mp + 50MP + 12MP + 10MP. The change is in the second telephoto lens which has been made of 50MP. However, compared to the old sensor, the company has limited the zoom from 10x to 5x in the new one. Some users on twitter have reported that the new 50MP 5x telephoto camera does not capture better photos in 100x zoom whereas the older model is giving good quality in it.

The difference has also come due to AI in both cameras. In S24 Ultra you get support of AI features for editing photos whereas this is not the case in the old one. Apart from this, the company has said to provide OS and security updates for 7 years in the new model, which is 2 years more than the previous model.

What is best for you?

Currently, Galaxy S23 Ultra is being offered in the sale on amazon for Rs 1,14,999. At the same time, the new model is being given for Rs 1,24,999. Although this is not the launch price. What is best for you depends on your choice. If you want to enjoy AI features then you can buy a new phone. At the same time, if you want a normal premium phone for photography then S23 Ultra is good for you.

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