Is your PAN card being misused? How to check..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Is your PAN card being misused? How to check..!?
PAN card is essential for many types of financial transactions. You should remember that if your PAN card is misplaced or lost, you can track it if you fear that your PAN card may be misused. Monitor your financial transactions regularly. Be alert for any unauthorized or suspicious activities that may indicate misuse of the PAN card. If you get any unwanted statement or message from any bank, understand that your PAN card is being misused.
Verify your income tax return:
If you have filed income tax returns, make sure that no wrong filing has been done in relation to your PAN number. If there is any data error or unknown tax filing, you may know that your PAN is being used in the wrong place. review the statement for a loan or credit card that you did not apply for, as it may be a result of PAN card misuse.
Pay attention to the Income Tax Department's notice:
The Income Tax Department may send notifications or emails related to your PAN card. Pay attention to such communications. If you have any doubts about these please reply immediately. The Income Tax Department offers an online PAN verification service called "Know Your PAN". Visit the official Income Tax Department website and enter your PAN card details to check its validity. If the information doesn't match or you see multiple records linked to your PAN number, it may indicate misuse of the PAN card.
Complain to Income Tax Department if PAN Card is misused
If you suspect that your PAN card has been misused, it is important to report it immediately. Contact the Income Tax Department's helpline or visit their website to report such incidents. Provide them with all relevant details and evidence of misuse.
File a police report:
Report misuse of PAN cards to your local police station. Provide them with a detailed description of the fraudulent activity, any supporting documents, and steps taken so far to report the issue to the Income Tax Department.

Inform your bank and financial institutions:
If you come across any fraudulent transaction or suspect that your PAN card has been misused, inform your bank and other financial institutions immediately. They can help you protect your accounts and take appropriate action to prevent further damage. If you report PAN card misuse and get a new PAN card or number, update your details with relevant institutions like banks, insurance companies, and income tax departments. This will help prevent misuse of your old PAN card in the future.

Be careful with your personal information:

Keep your PAN card details and other important personal information safe. Avoid sharing with unknown people or organizations. Be careful while providing your PAN card details online. Make sure you only access secure and legitimate websites. It is important to note that if a PAN card is misused, immediate action is important. Regular monitoring of your financial activities and a prompt complaint process can help you minimize potential losses and protect your financial well-being.

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