Is WhatsApp secretly spying on you?

Sowmiya Sriram
Is whatsapp secretly spying on you?
Is whatsapp listening to your private conversations and secretly spying on you? You can see it here. whatsapp is often involved in controversy. Accused of sharing users' data with Meta whatsapp, over the years, has issued various explanations saying that it cannot see users' data or read their messages or listen to their calls. whatsapp is said to offer end-to-end encryption on its messages. However, now whatsapp is back in trouble after a twitter engineer claimed to have used his phone's microphone during the night while he was sleeping.
It went viral especially after Elon Musk said that whatsapp can't be trusted. whatsapp has sparked a conversation about 'spying' with microphones. So, is whatsapp hearing your private conversations? Let's see that. Foad Dabiri, a twitter engineer, shared a screenshot of the Android dashboard and wrote that whatsapp is using the microphone in the background since he woke up at 6 am while he was sleeping (this is just part of the timeline. !) What's going on? He posted that. Elon Musk responded to the tweet by saying that whatsapp can't be trusted.
In a tweet, whatsapp clarified the issue, saying it was happening due to a bug in Android. whatsapp has asked google to check on this matter. The indian government will look into this case that whatsapp is secretly using users' microphones, said minister of State for Electronics and Information technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar. whatsapp has a privacy policy that provides security to users and their privacy, listing it as a 'priority'.
WhatsApp asks the user to authorize their phone's microphone before using it to make a phone call or record a voice message. As for the viral tweet, whatsapp says it happened due to a bug in Android. iphone users have not yet reported seeing this information.

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