Aliens Can Find Us Through Mobile Towers..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Aliens Can Find Us Through mobile Towers..!?
A recently published scientific study raises the question of whether extraterrestrials can communicate with humans by phone. aliens may be able to find us through radio signals leaking from our mobile phone towers, a study suggests. On the one hand, the results of such studies give excitement, but on the other hand, they also give fear. It also raises various questions. So one day, will we get a mobile phone call from aliens?
The word 'Aliens' is a buzzword for everyone. This name has been in the minds of people for centuries. As technology has advanced, so has the effort to find hints of extraterrestrials in the far corners of space. An alien civilization may be searching the void for us. Popular culture is very imaginative about what would happen if aliens came to Earth. But now, a scientific study claims that aliens can use mobile tower signals to locate us. The study is published in the 'Monthly Publication of the Royal Astronomical Society'.
Radio signals:
A fraction of the total amount of radio signals on Earth also leaks into space. According to Sciencealert, waves from military radar still make up a significant portion of radio leakage from Earth. They, cell power networks, have risen to second place the fastest.

Are aliens capable of advanced astronomy?

Now assuming an alien civilization has reasonably sophisticated astronomical capabilities, a radio leak from Earth would be detectable within a dozen light-years or so. So one day, a mobile phone call from extraterrestrials? The question arises. Do you know the answer to this? This is unlikely, as the sheer volume of radio waves on Earth could distort any private message the aliens could reach a specific individual.

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