So many rules in the FASTag service..!?

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So many rules in the FASTag service..!?
FASTag Recharge: If FASTag rules are ignored, various problems may arise. So, here are some rules to know. Most people have no problem paying tolls at toll booths. At the same time, the government is taking several measures to facilitate the payment of toll fees. At the same time, one has to stand in long queues due to customs charges. FASTag service was launched by the government to solve the problems of the people. With this, people can cross the toll booth without waiting for long and without paying cash. However, people should keep several things in mind regarding FASTag.
This is how money is spent:`
Some time ago the government introduced the FASTag service, which are prepaid tags affixed to vehicle windshields that allow them to pass through dedicated lanes at tolls without stopping. vehicles are identified using Radio Frequency Identification technology and money is deducted from the bank account.
It is important to follow the rules:
You need to know about the rules of FASTag. Ignoring FASTag rules can lead to trouble. Here are some rules to know.
- First, of the new rules of FASTag, these taxes are mandated by the Govt.
- If you enter a FASTag lane without a FASTag, you will have to pay double the toll amount.
- If your FASTag is not serviceable due to any damage or insufficient stock on the RFID, you will have to pay double the toll amount.
- From april 2020, the government has made FASTag service mandatory for third-party insurance for your vehicle. So getting FASTag service is essential even if you don't take your car on the highway.

- Most vehicles sold after 2017 come with FASTags pre-installed. So, if you are the owner of an older vehicle manufactured in earlier years, you should avail of the FASTag service.

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