Attention Gpay users... Don't do that anymore..!

Sowmiya Sriram
Attention Gpay users... Don't do that anymore..!
Gpay is routinely used by millions of users worldwide. From buying items for Rs.10 at box stores to buying items worth lakhs, making bank transactions through google pay has now become normal. Gpay is used even for the purchase of gold and diamonds. This wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">digital system is used by all almost. It is also very convenient to use and also very easy. But it should be done very carefully.
In this situation, the police have warned that a new scam is taking place through Gpay. Someone sent money to our bank account or Gpay number and they sent it to us by mistake. If they ask you to resend, you don't send money to their bank account. Your bank account will be hacked when you send it back. Inform the concerned police station and tell them to come there and collect the money directly, it said.
Already phone hacks are happening widely. Now this hacking through Gpay seems to be shocking to everyone. Many technologies are coming into the world and people should use them correctly and also carefully. So people should use Gpay carefully since it is linked with your banks directly.

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