"Please I beg you" - Elon Musk

Sindujaa D N

No one on social media does not criticize Elon Musk, the world leader who bought twitter and made radical changes. Fed up with daily trolling criticism, trump turned his back to the East. He added a symbol to your criticism saying, O Dandamra Nayana. New twitter boss Elon Musk today asked critics of his efforts to run the microblogging site to stay on other platforms. It is a privilege to put his message in Hindi. "Namaste" with folded hands emoji. 

Critics stay on other platforms. Hope to leave if you don't like it - please I beg you," wrote the world's richest man who took over Twitter. In another tweet, he said 'Namaste' with a folded hands emoji, emphasizing the end of the dialogue. Elon Musk, who is the head of Tesla-SpaceX, is criticizing everyone on twitter for not liking the changes made in administrative and technical aspects.

Soon after Elon Musk took over, the company embarked on massive layoffs. All employees resigned from the company after the new boss issued an ultimatum to employees to adhere to a "hardcore" work environment. This forced twitter to close its office until last Monday.

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