Web Whatsapp Users..? Unable to scan QR code?

Sowmiya Sriram
Web whatsapp Users..? Unable to scan QR code?
Can't scan QR code to use whatsapp web? Here are some tips to fix it. You need to scan the QR code on your phone to use the whatsapp processor on your computer. Sometimes not being able to scan this QR code can make many people angry.
1. Fix hardware issues:
If there is dust on your screen or dust on your phone's camera they will not be able to scan the QR code. So you can easily scan the QR code and use the whatsapp web by keeping your gadgets clean without dust.
2. Fixes from whatsapp site:
These issues can occur when the whatsapp site is down. So check with others to see if the whatsapp site is working properly. If whatsapp encounters a web glitch, wait until the whatsapp staff fixes it. Others can use the whatsapp web in other ways if you are the only one, without any such problem.
3. Internet connection:
The use of whatsapp mobile Processor and whatsapp Heat requires a well-functioning internet connection. If both your smartphone and computer are not connected to the internet or your internet speed is too low, you will not be able to use the whatsapp web.
4. Restart whatsapp Web and whatsapp Mobile:
To fix issues with both gadgets, quit using whatsapp on both and try to connect from scratch. Troubleshoot browser issues using whatsapp Web on PC. Clearing the cache on the browser and mobile phone will also help in connecting to WhatsApp. Adding whatsapp to your smartphone already connected to the web and deleting any other whatsapp accounts on the computer will help you connect.
If the same problems persist, you can contact the whatsapp site.
How To Get Help With whatsapp Support?
1. Open the whatsapp processor.
2. press the three dots on the right side of the top.
3. Go to Settings> Help> Contact Us in sequence.
4. Post your problems and your smartphone model number at the given point.
5. You can contact the whatsapp support site by pressing the Next button.

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