Pugazh over dominating other participants in the CWC show..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Pugazh over dominating other participants in the CWC show..!?
As far as Vijay tv is concerned, netizens are of the opinion that they will do anything for TRP. Once people start liking someone, they invite him to every event and do it to the extent that they are disgusted by the sight of his data-face. DD, Sivakarthikeyan, Aranthangi Nisha, Ramar, etc. are all on this list. Either they will complain that their channel is not raising the TRP or else they will think how they can spoil the TRP of the next channel.
Such a rally was born for Vijay tv when the media mason who was producing the show Cook with komali walked away from it. They started a show called Top Cook Doop Cook on sun tv and are making waves. Vijay TV's show Cook with komali is gaining popularity day by day. Thus, they often change the clowns to see if people enjoy them. Nanjil Vijayan was one of the clowns at the beginning of this show. But he left the show within a few weeks of its launch. In a recent interview about this, he said that the reason was that he did not get proper respect from the show's participants.
In his interview video, many people are commenting and insulting Vijay tv Pugazh. They say that because of Pugazh, other clowns don't get the respect they deserve. He entertains all the famous cooks, clowns, and judges. He scores by himself without giving others a chance. Fans of the show have been accused of not allowing anyone to do comedy. All the other clowns who have participated in the show are seniors. He is given a lot of space in Vijay tv thinking that people will like to watch the show if there is Pugazh. This is why other Vijay tv comedians are said to be in trouble. Vijay tv is competing with other channels with so many internal problems.

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