What is the reason for not withdrawing from CWC 5..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

What is the reason for not withdrawing from CWC 5..!?

As the 5th season of Cooku With Comali is currently underway, information has come out about why Chef Dhamu has not left the show.

Cook with komali is one of the most popular shows in tamil cinema. The 5th season of the show started a few weeks back. In this, Chef Dhamu and new Chef Madhapatti Rangaraj act as judges. Chef venkatesh Bhatt, who was the judge earlier, quit this season. venkatesh has said in an interview about the reason for this and Chef Thamu's non-resignation.

A celebrity who knows how to cook and a comedian who doesn't know how to cook - Cook with komali is a comedy between these two. The first season of the show started in 2019. This season was a super hit and the 2nd and 3rd and 4th seasons that followed were well received by the fans. While Chef venkatesh Bhatt and Dhamu were expected to participate in this season, venkatesh Bhatt announced that he is not participating in this season. Following this, Chef Dhamu also released a video saying that he is not going to participate in Cook with Komali. However, he deleted the video from his page the next day. This sparked a huge controversy. media Masons after hosting 4 seasons, they announced that they will quit in the 5th season. Due to this, it is said that the concerned channel and them felt remorse. In this, it is said that venkatesh Bhatt's involvement is also the reason for his withdrawal.

Chef Dhamu quits and is now a judge on the show. It is said that the reason for this is that the concerned channel held talks with him and after that they reached an agreement and became amicable. This information was shared by Chef venkatesh Bhatt in an interview. Earlier, fans have been saying that Cook with komali was not Vibe when it had Chef Dhamu and venkatesh Bhatt. Another tv show 'Top Cook Dupu Cook' is a comedy cooking show. Although Cook With Clown is similar to the show, it has brought many new changes. Actresses sonia Aggarwal, aishwarya Dutta, Chaitra reddy and many others will participate as cooks, along with GP Muthu, Monisha Blessy and others as dope cooks. The show is going on air from next week.

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