7 contestants participating in Cooku with Comali..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
7 contestants participating in Cooku with Comali..!?
Cooku with Comali is the show with the highest TRP on Vijay TV. After the successful completion of the last four seasons, now the fifth season is about to start. This time venkatesh Bhatt withdrew from the show and Madhapatti Rangaraj will participate as the judge in his place. And Manimegalai is also hosting the show along with Raksan this time. Now let's see the names of the five contestants who will be participating in this season. YouTuber Irfan will be the first to attend. He can travel abroad and taste delicacies in famous hotels.
Priyanka is a contestant on Cooku with Komali. Now she is going to participate in the show as a contestant. Next, Priyanka, who worked as an anchor in Vijay TV, will also participate in this season. music composer srikanth deva is the third contender. Vasanth who is acting in the Pandyan Stores 2 series, will be the fourth. Also, VTV Ganesh, who has won the hearts of fans by playing comedy characters, will be participating in Cook with komali Season 7.
Krishna Mackenzie, who is doing organic farming abroad, has surprised the fans by participating in the event. shalini Zoya, who has acted in films like raja Mantri and Kannagi, will also attend.

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