Cooku with Comali season 5 Contestants List!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Cooku with Comali season 5 Contestants List!?
After the 5th season of Cooku With Comali is going to start soon, the information about the contestants of this season has been revealed. Cooku With Comali is one of the most popular tv reality shows among tamil fans. This program has been running since last year 2019. A culinary feast and laughter feast will be served in this program which will be aired on television and named after the Thalapathy actor. Every year, Cooku with Comali starts right after the bigg boss season ends. So, Cooku with Comali Season 5 is going to start this year.
There are thousands of cooking shows on tamil tv channels. Among them, many people learn to cook by watching a culinary expert show them how to cook a particular dish. But Cooku with Comali is a show that has no dearth to entertain people with cooking on one side and comedy on the other. The main feature of the Cooku with Comali program is to invite people who know how to cook and who are familiar with the people, to become cooks and comedians who have never been to the kitchen to become clowns and cook together. The first season of the show was a huge hit among the fans and the second season was a super duper hit. Thus the 3rd and 4th seasons have passed. Now, the 5th season of Cooku with Comali is about to start.
The 5th season of Cooku with Comali will start with a new dimension. media Masons, which has been running the show so far, will not be running this season. venkatesh Bhatt, who was the judge for the last 4 seasons, has stepped down from this season. He will be replaced by actor and culinary expert Madhampatty Rangaraj along with Chef Thamu. The promo was released yesterday (March 18).
In Cooku with Comali, any of the contestants from bigg boss, which has already concluded before it, will be invited as participants. So far ramya Pandian, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Sherin, and many others have participated in that way. Subsequently, reports have surdata-faced that vishnu Vijay, who was the main contestant in the bigg boss competition that ended last January, is also going to be a contestant in the Cooku with Comali show. It is said that Vinusha, Dinesh, and others are also going to participate in this program.
CWC Contestants
Apart from them, dubbing artist deepa Venkat, Thambi Ramaiah's son Umapathi Ramaiah, actress malavika Menon, Pandyan Stores serial actress Hema, dancer Sridhar's daughter Akashatha, and many others are coming as contestants.
Who are the Comalis?
Cooku with Comali has some constant Comalis. Among them, Qureshi, Pugazh, Sunitha, and others are expected to be these clowns. Some new Comalis are also rumored to be introduced. Full details will be revealed after notification from the channel.

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